Kizumba Campsite


Kizumba Camps feature three intimate camps situated at exclusive sites of this park offering perfect settings for adventure seekers to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with ample solitude and comfort. Located in the heart of the African wilderness the camp gives you endless opportunities to uncover and explore rare beauty. The best of facilities in the […]

Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp


Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp is perched on a hill overlooking the floodplain of Lake Manyara. Offering permanent tents and cottages that blend into the bush, it’s a quick drive to Lake Manyara National Park, with its diverse fauna and flora, prolific birdlife and a wide range of animals, including tree-climbing lions and abundant elephant herds.

Burundika Manyara Lodge

mountain view

Burudika Lodge is located in Lake Manyara within the Jangwani wildlife corridor of Mto wa Mbu Game Controlled Area where different mammals and bird species roam freely between Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks ecosystem.

andbeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge


Situated in a remote corner of scenic Lake Manyara National Park, this luxury safari lodge boasts romantic tree house suites set in a mahogany forest. Sophisticated tree house suites are graced by the sounds of the forest. Each exclusive tree house offers guests a private eye into the lush surroundings of the lodge. Immersed in […]

Lake Manyara Tortilis Camp


Situated at the base of the majestic Great African Rift Valley Escarpment, Lake Manyara Tortilis Camp offers a stunning collection of fully furnished tents. From this vantage point, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the expansive Lake Manyara. Experience the ultimate luxury tented camp during your African safari with Twinkle Star Tours, where accommodation on […]

Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge

thatched huts

Nestled atop a hill, gazing out upon the sprawling floodplain of Lake Manyara, lies the exquisite Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp. This haven of luxury provides guests with a choice between permanent tents and cottages, seamlessly blending into the surrounding bush. A mere stone’s throw away is the renowned Lake Manyara National Park, where an abundance […]

Escarpment Luxury Lodge

accommodation from above in kenya

Perched high on the rim of the Great Rift Valley, Escarpment Luxury Lodge is a serene haven overlooking the wonder of Lake Manyara below. Offering 16 private, tastefully decorated chalets.

Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

swimming pool

Nestled against the majestic Mto wa Mbu escarpment, Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge offers a unique and tranquil experience in the heart of Lake Manyara National Park. Surrounded by abundant wildlife and overlooking the serene lake, our lodge provides a peaceful retreat. Discover the diverse birdlife of the area, with over 300 migratory species, including […]