Seronera Camspite

Seronera Campsite is a convenient public campsite situated in the Central Serengeti National Park, easily accessible by road and air. The campsite provides well-maintained toilet facilities and regularly attended hot water showers, heated by wood fires. The local guide expert will help in sourcing fire wood for the ultimate wildlife experience.

Onsite kitchen facilities and communal dining areas. The camp also provides with free wifi.

Seronera Campsite is located in the Seronera River Valley, this area is renowned for its leopard sightings, lion prides, and cheetahs. It serves as a significant stop for the annual migration, occurring three times a year due to the abundant water and food resources. As a popular destination, expect to encounter more tourists in this area.

Enjoy an amazing budget experience of Africa staying at Seronera Campsite. This camp is back to nature where you can listen to the sounds of Africa, see beautiful skylines and have the chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

You can stay in this amazing camp on our 12 day Kenya and Tanzania combo safari travel in style in a pop up van or a land cruiser – the choice is yours. To find out more about our amazing tours and safaris and for more options for Serengeti accommodations please contact our expert team today.