Sarova Woodlands Nakuru

Sarova Woodlands Nakuru: A Luxurious Base for Your Safari Adventure

Welcome to Sarova Woodlands Hotel and Spa, a tranquil haven nestled in Nakuru. As your safari rest stop, this upscale accommodation promises more than just a stay; it’s an invitation to indulge in comfort and luxury. Each room is a sanctuary equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a rejuvenating retreat.

A 6-Day Safari Extravaganza: Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru & Amboseli

Embark on a 6-day wildlife safari with Twinkle Star Tours & Safaris, exploring the captivating landscapes of Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, and Amboseli. Picture sundowners amidst the African Plains, a symphony of nature serenading your senses. The 4X4 Landcruiser journey includes game drives, native language-speaking guides, and park entrance fees. Stay at Sarova Woodlands, blending luxury with the thrill of the wild.

Unveiling Kenya’s Wilderness

Your adventure unfolds as you wake up in the embrace of Sarova Woodlands, preparing for a day of safari exploration. Encounter the “Big 5,” witness the grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro, and relish the untamed beauty of Africa. Whether it’s the lions of Masai Mara or the vibrant birdlife at Lake Nakuru, every moment is enriched by your stay at Sarova Woodlands.

Please contact us via WhatsApp or call us to embark on a safari where luxury meets the wilderness, creating memories that linger long after your journey ends.