Lake Nakuru National Park

“A beautiful wildlife haven” wide ecological diversity and varied habitats, escarpment and picturesque ridges

Background Information …

An enormous geological fault-line, the Great Rift Valley divides Kenya neatly down the length of the country, separating east from west. Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru are 2 of the many lakes that have formed in the region. Along the lengths of the Rift Valley are volcanoes, most now dormant. Lake Nakuru has become a national park and supports a wide ecological diversity. It is home to large protected flocks of lesser flamingoes, which turn the lake a vivid pink. It is also famous for its pelicans, black and white rhino, colobus monkeys, as well as, numerous antelopes, buffalo, and giraffe.

Where to find Lake Nakuru National Park

What to see and do at Lake Nakuru National Park

The Great Rift Valley is home to a diversity of animals and birdlife. There is an abundance of plains game and nocturnal animals, such as aardvark, civet, serval, leopard, and striped hyena. Cheetah, lion, and elephant are found in the swamp and grassy plains. Other wildlife in the area includes buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest, eland, gazelle, and many more. Much of the topography in the area was shaped by the volcanic movement of the Great Rift Valley, which adds to the spectacular scenery. Nearby is Hell’s Gate National Park, one of only two parks in Kenya where guests are allowed to explore on foot. Another attraction close to this area is the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary. Lake Nakuru National Park is renowned as a bird sanctuary with over 400 bird species, including huge flocks of flamingoes and many other water birds.

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