What to pack before your African Safari Travel


Are you interested in the Big Five? In fact, this expression refers to the five great animals of Africa, such as lions, elephants, rhinos, leopard,s, and buffaloes not forgetting the 8th Greatest wonders of the world, “wildebeest Migration”, different species of birds and animals, beautiful landscapes, unspoiled culture and.  Am sure you have come to thought and dreamed of the African safari, unlike seeing on National Geographic as a child on Television.  If you want to travel Africa, more likely interested in Safari In East Africa; Kenya, and Tanzania, you may be not sure what to pack for a safari despite more suggestions from Travel agents you may have a lot of questions in mind about how to organize yourself, what you need for a one or two weeks tour, how the weather is during your travel, etc.

Of course, the type of safari can vary widely depending on the travel season and travel agent recommendations, from setting up independently to sleeping in a tent camp or a luxury lodge in the savannah plains, but you will find the basics is similar. Kenya and Tanzania and other safari countries, whatever your choice of the African safari, you should find some practical tips for packing for your safari below.


Things to consider before packing for your African Safari

-What you are required to pack

  • The weight of your luggage and additional charges you may need to pay for the luggage on the way.
  • Medical condition-Make sure you don’t forget your medical.
  • Climate conditions on the place you are visiting.


What to Put on Your Luggage before Safari

Pre-preparation before departing to Africa, here below is what to pack:

1.Clothes to Carry


Scarfs are very important against the Sun, dust, or rain


A Good hat provides good UV Protection and covers the neck and forehead. Sometimes you may go hiking and find yourself sitting outside and without a hat, sunstroke is almost guaranteed. Although, some travel agents give hats to their customers.

-Functional clothing

During the safari, it is important to bring light clothes, but above all in neutral colors to blend in with the landscape (khaki, taupe, hiking boots, etc., but no white which is visible from far away and gets dirty. very quickly, neither bright colors nor black, which can attract tsetse flies or brown/red which can blend with African soil and vegetation.

Don’t forget also jacket before traveling as in times, some places get very cold during morning and also at night

A lot of Travel Agent recommends that. Some lodges will offer laundry service. Find out before you go, otherwise, pack enough clothes for the entire trip or take a mild soap with you to wash your clothes in the sinks/sinks, laundry bags are also very useful. If you love swimming, you can bring with you a swimsuit as well


2.Health and hygiene for your luggage


African sun sometimes is very strong and your eyes will tire quickly and also to prevent yourself from dust.

-Sunscreen and mosquito repellent

Consider bringing sunscreen and apply it even if the sky seems hazy and the same goes for the mosquito repellent, it is essential to prevent you from Mosquitos.

-First aid kit and medication

Although most safari vehicles are equipped with Mosquitos, bring a few essentials yourself in case of a glitch (eyelash tweezers, tape, plasters, antibiotic ointment, etc.).  Also consider having some common medications such as Gravol, Immodium, Tylenol, Advil, etc. Most safari areas are at risk for malaria, so meet with a medical specialist before you go to determine the appropriate antimalarial treatment. You can also organize a virtual consultation with a doctor before you travel for your safari tour. If you are having a problem traveling by vehicle, you can book local flights for transfer from one park to another.

-Wet wipes tissues and handkerchiefs

During the game drive, the roof of the safari vehicle is always open to getting good sightseeing of the animals, because of the condition of the roads sometimes there is a lot of dust, so wet wipes can refresh you. Consider bringing handkerchiefs for the same reasons. Lip balm and moisturizer, In short, stay hydrated under the blazing sun.


3.Technology and gadgets

-Camera and camcorder

Photo and video equipment are very important during your East African safari travel. Each person will have a different set of gear but consider taking extra batteries and memory cards as you will trigger a lot.  You need to focus on the animals, not the gadgets! I would also add the telephoto lens!

-Binoculars to bring on safari

Do you love to zoom and see what on that tree, grass, consider carrying binoculars as they are very useful especially for bird lovers, as sometimes the animals in the distance are difficult to see with the naked eyes and require good binoculars. Make sure to have a guiding book for animals and birds so that you get to know each by name, this will enable you to have a wonderful game drive.

-Flashlight or headlamp

Consider having your own flashlight or headlamp probably if you are camping or at lodges with curfew electricity. The flashlight also can help you during the night from your restaurant to your room. Most hotels provide a flashlight in the room, but having your own headlamp, for example, can help.

The above safari packing guide list will help you plan your East African Holiday Travel well. Twinkle Star Tours and Safaris Limited will assist with your plan. Make your request now and get a customized quote.