Flamingo Hill tented camp

Located at the border of Lake Nakuru National Park, Flamingo Hill Camp, a deluxe accommodation, gives you a front row seat to one of the most spectacular avi-fauna performances in the world! Guest tents are situated amidst landscaped campgrounds with views of the surrounding flora, trees and valley, and the quietest and most private tents are located away from the main central areas. The soothing decor, romantic four-poster beds, small writing desk and private veranda of your chalet tent reflect a fused classical safari experience with a traditional hut-style shaded structure. Few tents are catered towards families traveling together so are close to each other while the rest of the tents are minimally spaced out to afford some extra privacy. At night, your tents and common areas are low lit so as to blend in with bush and avoid the urbanization of Flamingo Hill. Electricity is available all day but somewhat limited in terms of using a blow-dryer in your tent. The minimalism of the camp, though, gives you an authentic bush vacation in Kenya.