Treetops Lodge

Your Safari Holiday Elevated at Treetops Lodge

Discover the epitome of safari indulgence at Treetops Lodge, where elevated tree-house accommodations in Aberdare National Park provide a unique blend of history and natural allure. Originally established in 1932 and frequented by royalty, the lodge seamlessly integrates into the wildlife-rich landscape. Positioned along an ancestral elephant migration path, Treetops offers unparalleled views of wildlife at a natural watering hole. Opt for an immersive safari experience, combining opulent comfort with the untamed beauty of Aberdare.

Twinkle Star’s Tailor-Made Safari Holiday

Elevate your safari escapade with Twinkle Star’s 5-day tailor-made safari adventure through Aberdare, Lake Nakuru, and Masai Mara National Reserve. Choose Treetops Lodge as your accommodation for a seamless fusion of luxury and exploration. Traverse Aberdare’s steep ravines, behold the stunning grasslands of Lake Nakuru, and witness the iconic landscapes of Masai Mara, all while enjoying the comforts of Treetops Lodge. Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders without sacrificing the indulgence of a prestigious safari stay.

Book Your Exclusive Safari Retreat Today

For an unparalleled safari retreat where the opulence of Treetops Lodge intertwines with the wonders of Aberdare, Lake Nakuru, and Masai Mara, contact us via WhatsApp or call us. Experience the luxury of this historic accommodation while experiencing the thrill of diverse landscapes and wildlife encounters. Your bespoke safari adventure awaits!