The Aberdare Country Club

Historic Charm at The Aberdare Country Club

Discover the historic Aberdare Country Club, nestled in the scenic Aberdare Highlands just a short drive from Nairobi. Originally the residence of an English couple who made Kenya their home, this enchanting property, known as “The Steep,” has evolved into the inviting Aberdare Country Club. With its rich heritage, the club preserves the ambiance of a private residence while offering the cosy comforts of a countryside inn. Surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Great Rift Valley, it provides a captivating and serene getaway for discerning travellers.

Tailor-Made Safari Adventure with The Aberdare Country Club

Embark on a bespoke 5-day adventure through Aberdare, Lake Nakuru, and Masai Mara National Reserve, with The Aberdare Country Club as your base. Explore the steep forested ravines and open moorland of Aberdare National Park, indulging in picnics, trout fishing, and camping amidst its picturesque haven. Journey to Lake Nakuru National Park, nestled in the Great Rift Valley, and immerse yourself in its stunning beauty with wooded and bushy grasslands. Finally, experience the iconic Masai Mara National Reserve, renowned for its abundant wildlife and breathtaking vistas, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your stay at The Aberdare Country Club.

Create Lasting Memories

Experience the wonders of Kenya’s wilderness with The Aberdare Country Club as your sanctuary. Whether exploring Aberdare’s landscapes or embarking on thrilling safari expeditions, every moment promises to be truly unforgettable. Book your tailor-made adventure today and create cherished memories amidst the natural splendour of Aberdare National Park with The Aberdare Country Club as your safari accommodation. Contact us now via Whatsapp or call us to start planning your dream safari.